Smokin' PizzaRing - complete kit for rotisserie recipes for kettle barbecues measuring 47-67cm

With this set you get the perfect kit to equip your kettle barbecue with a rotisserie spit. With one battery charge you can use the rotating spit for more than 24 hours at a stretch.

Delivery contents:
1 x stainless steel Smokin' PizzaRing incl. dial thermometer
1 x rotisserie set
1 x mounting material
1 x standard fastener
1 x battery operated motor

(compatible with the 47 to 67 models of Weber, Rösle, Napoleon, Outdoorchef and other barbecues)

Pizza like the Italians make it, at the right temperature.
You need: a kettle barbecue, the Smokin' PizzaRing, a pizza stone, a pizza band and a pizza peel.

For extending the capacity of your cooking area or for smoking
With a closing device and a smoking band you are ideally equipped to get full use of your barbecue's capacity.

Can be upgraded with rotisserie kit
The Smokin' PizzaRing comes ready for installing the Moesta Rotisserie (rotary spit)!

In combination with additional accessories, the ring can also be used as a support for XXL pans. Delicious potato pancakes, XXL Wiener Schnitzel or paella can all be created.

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Moesta BBQ Smokin PizzaRing Komplettpaket für Rotisserie B00ULQ84CE

Moesta BBQ Smokin PizzaRing Komplettpaket für Rotisserie B00ULQ84CE

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