Our Guarantee of Quality

At Exclusive Wedding Rings we have taken our time in creating beautiful wedding rings whether it is a traditional band or with diamonds. Our designs are hand crafted items of jewellery and we aim to produce perfect results each time we make them.

We pay the utmost attention to the quality, detail and style in every ring we produce just for you.

We guarantee that if any fault should appear in the construction of an Exclusive Wedding Ring we will repair or replace it at our discretion. If we repair the ring, we further guarantee that the quality of the repair will be done at the same standard as the original ring.

Please note we carry make our rings with the very best, high quality workmanship so this guarantee will be null and void if any work is carried out by any other jeweller or person without our written permission.

We will do everything to ensure your ring is in perfect condition.

  1. We will clean and polish any wedding ring purchased from is, free of charge, at any time. Simply return the ring to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery and we will get our skilled craftsmen to make sure your ring is carefully polished and sent back to you.
  2. We will resize your ring at any time, free of charge. (please note that finger sizes will vary throughout the day depending on various environmental and physical factors. To resize please email.)
  3. We will replace any diamond which is lost due to a problem with the setting or construction of the ring.
  4. We will replace and diamond which cleaves, cracks or chips providing it is not the result of serious misuse, accident or abuse.
  5. This guarantee excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear such as scratches, dents etc but our free polishing and refinishing service will take care of most of these problems. Occasionally we may make a small charge to cover our labour costs if damage caused by normal wear and tear is extensive.

Before sending any ring back for repair please email Exclusive Wedding Rings. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the ring to us and we will pay the return shipping cost.

Do not send any ring back until you have had confirmation from us and the delivery address confirmed.

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